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3 green cleaning myths, debunked!

Green cleaning is blitzing our homes while reducing the impact on the world. It’s our mission here at ecyo to make green cleaning as accessible as we can. It’s about making it easy for our lovely customers to make the switch. 

And, we’ve got a little secret we’d love to let you in on: You don’t need harsh chemicals in your home to keep it clean!

It’s possible to keep your home in tip top shape with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Let’s dive and explore why. 

What does green cleaning mean? 

You’re here because you care about the environment and you’re looking for earth friendly cleaning products.

We get you because we’ve been there and it’s the reason why us Aussie sisters started ecyo!

Green cleaning means reducing your carbon footprint and your impact on our planet. Brands with green friendly products, use fewer toxins and harsh chemicals and ensure products (and maybe the packaging) are biodegradable.

Let’s get into those 3 myths about green cleaning  

Myth #1: Green cleaning isn't safe

Green cleaning products are absolutely safe to use as they contain plant-based cleaning agents. Always check the label to see what the ingredients are and the instructions for use. Our products are super concentrated to reduce packaging. Water should be added first, before use. 

As with regular cleaning products, green ones have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory and home before they go to market. 

We 100% put safety first.

Myth #2: It is expensive to use green cleaning products

Nope, this is just plain incorrect!

It doesn’t have to be expensive to use green products. Using super concentrated items such as our antibacterial cleaning pods is comparable to regular products. One pod makes up to 750ml of cleaning solution. That’s a lot of cleaning product for the money! 

Check out our range and discover your ecyo products. Save money by buying in bulk and reduce your costs even further. 

Myth #3: Green cleaning products are not effective

Every product has to be tested and checked before it goes to market. So we already know that they’re effective, but it’s delightful to hear our customers echo our thoughts!

Our customers give us 5/5 stars and leave great messages about how they’ve managed to clean their home from top to bottom. The right products used in the right way work, cutting through grease to leave surfaces sparkling. 

Here’s what a couple of our customers have said:

“Works well, smells nice and I love the ethos of the brand! Great all over the kitchen, but I was super impressed how the degreaser handled cleaning the oven glass. Keep up the good work.”

“Obsessed! Absolutely love how small and convenient these products are and have been raving about them to everyone I know.”

Read more reviews here

How to use our cleaning pods

  1. Rinse a recycled spray bottle to ensure all residue from previous content is removed.
  2. Once rinsed, fill the bottle with cold water, insert the spray trigger and tighten. 
  3. Pump water through the trigger to ensure it is rinsed and clean.
  4. Empty the bottle
  5. Note: If you are refilling a bottle previously used for the same ecyo cleaning product skip to the next step.
  6. Add the supplied colour sticker to the bottle so you know what pod you used, and put to the side.
  7. Insert one pod into the recycled bottle.
  8. Half fill with warm tap water – swirl until the pod has dissolved. 
  9. Fill the rest of the bottle with tap water - cold or tepid water is OK.
  10. Securely tighten the spray trigger.
  11. Spray away. 

Where you can safely and effectively use our cleaning pods 

Our pods can be safely used around the home on hard surfaces such as worktops, floors, windows, shower screens and more. As with regular cleaning products, we don’t recommend using green cleaning products on soft and porous surfaces as it could stain them. 

If you’re unsure, check the instructions that come with the pods. Alternatively test a section of the surface you plan to clean with a little bit of solution, ideally an area near the wall or that can be hidden.

Shop our range of cleaning products 

We developed ecyo with you in mind, people who want to make the switch to green cleaning products that are effective. 

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to keep your home clean and fresh. 

Choose us:

  • No single-use plastic, reuse your old bottles.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, no need to ship water around the world.
  • They work - tested against major brands.⠀
  • Our packaging is compostable and recyclable. 
  • Plant-based ingredients. 
Try our Multipurpose Cleaning Refill Pods (for spray bottles) 3 pack and get started with your new green cleaning regime.
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