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how do you use them?


Most cleaning sprays contain 90-95% water, there isΒ no need to ship water around the world when we have it in our homes!β €

why ecyo pods?

 Much less carbon

No single-use plastic

Tested  πŸ“ and proven to work πŸ’― %β €
β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
Compostable & recyclable packaging πŸ“¦

Takes up less space in your cupboard πŸ€—

Plant based ingredients  πŸŒ±

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Alison Kydd, Five Dock

Love these products! They clean really well, leave no streaks on bench tops, subtle odour that smells really fresh, not one that burns your nose hairs! Minimal packaging and what there is is 100% recyclable. 🌿 Best of all the kids love them and the products are safe for them to use! Great home schooling lesson 😁

Alison Kydd, Five Dock

Super easy to use and the extra pods take up absolutely no space in my tiny laundry. And as an added bonus they are really great cleaning products with no plastic in site!

Haley Pearce, Wagga