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3 ways you're saving the planet when you use earth friendly cleaning products

Not sure if you've picked up on what our goal is here at ecyo. It's got a little bit to do with cleaning and a whole lot to do with saving the planet.

Pull up a comfy seat and let me tell you a little more ...

Why I'm on a mission to save the planet

Hi, I'm Avril. My two sisters, Gillian, Louise and I were taken to CSIRO's Double Helix club as kids, helped in labs with our Dad,  went on stargazing trips, had telescopes, microscopes, poured over David Attenborough books - yet only one of us went on to study science. You don't have to be a scientist to appreciate science and it's impact on the world around you. That love of science started young and lead us to do what we're doing. We love the environment, our planet and care about all of our futures. We know that while progress got us here, science can help get us out. That’s why we created ecyo, using our knowledge and love of nature to develop earth friendly cleaning products.

There are ways to lessen our impact on the earth. Simple ways. And we started our mission by looking first and foremost at our homes.

Our cleaning pods remove your need or use of single-use plastics. They also reduce carbon and mean waste. And, because of the concentrated formula we've created, they still take on the toughest challenges in your home. And one of the other best bits? They smell gorgeous!

Why earth friendly cleaning products? 

The old ways of cleaning our homes are changing. And with up and coming new technology, it means we can reduce the packaging and waste.

Our range of earth friendly cleaning products don’t have the same impact as traditional ones. You don’t have to buy and consume cleaning products as you did before. 

We wanted to create a range that had as little impact on the world as possible.

Using our background in science, we knew there was another approach to tackle cleaning. We knew earth friendly cleaning products are needed right now for the eco-conscious among us. 

We just couldn't sit back any longer and not take some form of action - especially seeing as we knew a little bit about how to take that action (thanks to our chemical engineer of a father!).

Our pods may look like they’re in plastic wrapping, but it’s biodegradable packaging that dissolves in water (faster in warm water).

The cleaning solution inside is also an earth friendly cleaning product. They are super concentrated solutions that are plant-based and contain no phosphates at all. 

Earth friendly cleaning products don’t hurt the earth - they are grey water safe, vegan and totally biodegradable. 

Are eco friendly cleaning products better? 

It's pretty simple: harsh chemicals are just not necessary to get the ultimate cleaning results.

Plant-based solutions work just as well, and sometimes even better. 

Traditional cleaning products sit on the surfaces and linger in the air for us to breathe them in and absorb them into our skin. Changing to earth friendly cleaning products creates a healthier and happier home environment, improves air quality, reduces skin and eye irritations, and allergies. 

Most importantly, earth friendly cleaning products like ecyo help the environment by lessening water and air pollution. Harsh chemicals are not going back into our waterways, less carbon is released to make them and there’s less waste. 

Do eco friendly cleaning products kill germs?

Kill all the germs you can find with an earth friendly cleaning product like ecyo.

Just because the cleaner is eco doesn’t make it any less effective.

Be aware that there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting: cleaning takes 30 or 60 seconds while disinfecting can take longer, up to ten minutes depending on the product. This includes traditional as well as eco products. Always read the product’s label to find out more. 

As mentioned above, plant-based solutions work just as well as chemicals. Our antibacterial cleaning pods are proven to kill 99.9% of germs.

Our multipurpose cleaning pods naturally cut through grease and grime, leaving no trace. 

Don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews to see how effective ecyo’s products have been  for our delighted customers.  

Here are 3 ways you're saving the planet when you use ecyo

Take a sigh of relief, because you are 100% helping the planet when you use eyco products! 

Here's 3 ways:

  1. Our products don’t contain hazardous chemicals so they have lower health risks.
  2. Our products come in recyclable and compostable packaging so it can be reused or thrown in your compost bin. 
  3. Our products don’t contribute towards air, water and earth pollution when you use them. 
Traditional cleaning sprays contain between 90-95% water which is being shipped around the world for no reason, shame on them! 

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