How to use

One small ecyo cleaning pod will replace one new bottle of cleaning product. The ecyo cleaning pod will fully dissolve in water, leaving no residue. When fully dissolved in water it will naturally cut through soap scum, fats and grime, but contains no harsh chemicals.

 What you will need to use our eco cleaning pods

  • ecyo cleaning pod
  • Any recycled spray bottle and trigger between 300ml and 750 ml in size
  • Identification sticker (included in boxes) to attach to the recycled bottle
  • Warm water

Instructions for use

  1. Rinse a recycled spray bottle to ensure all residue from previous content is removed.
  2. Once rinsed fill the bottle with cold water, insert the spray trigger and tighten. Pump water through the trigger to ensure it is rinsed and clean.
  3. Empty the bottle.
  4. Note: If you are refilling a bottle previously used for the same ecyo cleaning product skip to the next step.
  5. Identify the ecyo supplied colour sticker to attach to the bottle to identify its use and put to one side.
  6. Insert one pod into the recycled bottle.
  7. ½ fill with warm tap water – swirl until the pod has dissolved. 
  8. Fill the rest of the bottle with tap water, cold/tempid is ok.
  9. Securely tighten the spray trigger.
  10. Apply the supplied sticker to the spray bottle to identify its contents.
  11. Spray away. 

Store the bottle as you would your normal household cleaning products.

We recommend that you do not use bottles or spray triggers that previously contained harsh chemicals, bleaches, garden sprays that contained insecticides, products used for car washing, detailing etc.