Reduce and Reuse

ecyo set an aggressive target to provide effective solutions for consumers that provide quality cleaning and personal care products, that eliminates plastic and reduces carbon emissions, without producing any chemical residue that harms the environment.

The ecyo products are amongst that first that have solved the pollution and waste problem of packaging, shipping and chemical formulations.


The largest component of carbon produced in the home cleaning market is from the manufacture of plastic bottles as well as from the distribution of a product that is approximately 90% water across the globe to warehouses, supermarkets and on to the home or business. Reducing the costs of production is only part of the story. Detailed analysis of the supply chain, including manufacturing and distribution of the plastic bottle to consumers, ecyo has been able to reduce the total carbon emissions per 750ml full bottle of product by more than 90%. (Excluding manufacture of the cleaning solution, transport from your local supermarket)

This aggressive reduction has been achieved by:

Bringing product design, manufacturing and packaging together, only a full lifecycle understanding is able to produce these exceptional results.

Developing innovative, ecological, biological and effective cleaning products for each target market.

Understanding that plastic is not disposable it is hard to recycle and toxic in the Environment.

Changing the packaging materials by using science to inform our decisions.

Removing plastic from storage and transportation.


Our product is designed to reuse the already manufactured containers, bottles and spray triggers. This policy eliminates harmful waste and changes a ‘disposable' plastic product into a reusable item, which becomes more efficient each time it is reused.