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  • Do ecyo products or packaging use plastic?
  • What type of bottle do I need?
  • What are super concentrated pods?
  • Are ecyo cleaning products grey-water safe?
  • Are ecyo cleaning products vegan friendly?
  • Are ecyo cleaning products biodegradable?
  • Do ecyo cleaning products contain phosphates?
  • Can I track my order?
  • Where do you ship to?
  • What are your shipping rates?
  • Where are your products made?
  • NO!

    While our pods appear to be plastic, they are actually a biodegradable product that will easily dissolve in water.

    In addition, our packaging does not use plastic either. Instead we use recycled card which is compostable and recyclable.

    By providing an eco-friendly cleaning solution in our pods, you are able to re-use one of your own plastic bottles rather than throwing them away only to replace them with another. It might not be the final solution to the world's plastic problem, but we are definitely on the way.

  • Any bottle that can contain up to 750mL and has a spray nozzle attachment will be fine. You can also use as small as 300ml if you want a more concentrated solution.

    You could use a screw top bottle, and apply the solution onto a cleaning cloth, but we have found that is very hard to meter the amount of product use, it is also not easy when cleaning windows.

  • Our cleaning products all come in super concentrated pods.

    Each pod contains  concentrated plant based cleaning agents that are too strong to use as it is, and should be dissolved and mixed into water (as per the product instructions) prior to first use.

    Each pods dissolves safely in water.

  • Yes!

  • Yes!

  • Yes!

  • No!

  • We are implementing a tracking system so you can track your order. Not quite done yet.

  • We are currently shipping to all all areas of Australia and New Zealand, but are preparing to ship to other countries as well. 

    Drop us an email if you are in a different country before purchasing, and we will make sure we can get product to you quickly and efficiently.

  • For Australia:


    Under $20 = shipping cost is $5.95
    Btwn $21- $44.99 = shipping cost is $4.95
    Over $45 = FREE

    For NZ

    $ 12.00 (AUD) flat rate

    Rest of the World - email us at

  • We developed the pods in Australia with our Dad who convenientlyis a retired-ish chemical engineer. While we would like to make them in Australia, the tech simply does not exist here. They are made in China, in a lovely town a few hours from Shanghai. We visited the factory often (back when one did that sort of thing), it is worldclass and supplies many major companies. In saying that our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to make ecyo's products in our very own factory in Wagga or Albury NSW within the next two years. How good would that be!!

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