Worldwide Eco-Friendly Wins for 2023

Worldwide Eco-Friendly Wins for 2023

Hey there, Eco-Warrior,

Below we have some inspiring eco news from around the world. It's easy to get down by everything we should be doing better...(we're personally very guilty of that!)  but these victories are nothing short of epic, so we're stoked to share them with you.

France's "No-Flight" Rule:
France has put its foot down and said, "No more short-haul domestic flights that can be covered by a train journey of under two-and-a-half hours!" This slashes carbon emissions and makes transportation more fair and green for everyone. They're also cracking down on private jets for short trips. 

The Little Dragon That Could:
Experts thought the Victorian grassland earless dragon was gone for good, with the last sighting dating back to 1969. But guess what? It's back. This tiny, earless dragon native to Aussie grasslands has been spotted again after more than 50 years. Nature's comeback game is strong, and this sighting is a huge reminder of why we must protect our wildlife and habitats.

EU's Battery Revolution:
The European Union is going all-in on reducing e-waste. They've made it a rule for smartphone makers to let users replace their batteries. That's a game-changer. Think about all those millions of phones that won't end up in landfill now. 

French Fashion Fix:
Bonjour, sustainable fashion! France is offering discounts on shoe and clothing repairs. The idea is to motivate people to hold on to their stuff and get it fixed instead of chucking it away and buying new things. This "repair, don't replace" attitude is exactly what we need from every Government.

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Amazon Rainforest:
During the first six months of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s term, deforestation dropped by a whopping 33%. That's a big win for the environment! Preserving the Amazon is crucial to fighting climate change and protecting biodiversity, and this progress is truly something to cheer about!

These eco-friendly victories aren't enough, but they show that humans are trying and not just talking the talk; we're walking the walk to make a real difference for Mother Earth. Let's celebrate these wins, be inspired by them, and keep pushing for a greener, cleaner world.

Remember, every little step counts, and together, we've got the power to shape a brighter future. xo

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