Plastic Free Halloween

Plastic Free Halloween

Halloween is growing in popularity in Australia -  and for good reason, It's fun and who doesn't need some fun in their lives right now! 

With plastic decorations being so incredibly cheap and accessible (um, they are everywhere!)  it's hard to make ourselves think outside the box towards more eco friendly plastic free options.

But it's so worth it for three huge reasons:

✔ Mother Earth will thank you

✔ You'll feel super accomplished

✔ You'll be setting an amazing example to your kids/ friends and neighbours.

Eco Decorations

Here are a few easy ideas we've collected:

Lighting: Paint old glass jars black and add a candle. 

Spider webs: Try natural twine to create a web between posts or trees.

Tin can ghost: Paint a tin white, add a face with black paint and dangle some white paper, or ribbon under it. Then hang from a tree. How adorable!

plastic free halloween decoration

(source DIYnCrafts)

Signs:  Paint your own creepy message on a wooden board. “Turn back now!" "Danger" 

Cut and paste: Cut out bats and other spooky shapes from black card paper and hang them on twine.

Witches broom: Grab sticks from the yard and park and make a broom or two!

Pin on Diy halloween


Re-use: Re-use decorations from last year or swap with neighbours

Music: Set up a speaker near the door and play a scary Halloween soundtrack from Spotify or YouTube. So fun.

Lollies: Obviously we need the lollies to be sanitary (esp these days). But this doesn't need to mean loads of plastic. Look for those in cardboard boxes that can be recycled. Also buy in bulk to avoid excess outer packaging.

Pumpkins: We grow pumpkins but they are not at all easy to carve. We usually just put them on the front steps in little groups as decorations then bring them in when ready to eat!

Eco Costumes

Many halloween costume's are made from cheap plasitc materials. If you're not a sewer though ...what is there to do!?  Reusable Planet and others suggest: 

1. Swapping costumes and accessories with friends
2. Repurposing an existing costume 
3. Reusing your costume (will anyone actually remember or care if its the same as last year)
4. Look for costume ideas that use paper or cardboard, like robots, astronauts or rockets.
5. Old sheets are amazing at quick easy costumers!  Ghosts, ET, Witches capes, Priest, Magician, Toga..
6. Hire a costume, at least it will be re-used
7. It's amazing what you can do with face paint!


Lastly, check out second-hand shops for accessories and clothes that can be used for costumes. 

What do you have planned?



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