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Multi-purpose cleaners: the 'cross trainers' of the cleaning world

Multi-purpose cleaners, we owe them so much!

Traditionally used for kitchen benches and tables, multi-purpose cleaners can do a fair amount of the grunt work in the home.

At ecyo we like to think of them as the cross training sneakers 👟 of home cleaning - sure they are not specifically formulated for running, or designed for regular tennis or footballl .. BUT they will get you through most of your (exercising) cleaning needs.

Multi-purpose cleaners are great for kitchen benches, tables, tiles and white goods and typically will do a satisfactory job of many areas of your home. 


How to use multi-purpose cleaners (a lesson you never knew you needed!)

Ensure you have a couple of dry cleaning cloths, and scrubbing brushes for those tough areas.

Use them on sealed surfaces including acrylic benches, marble, steel, sealed wood and plastic. Spray on the surface and wipe off with a dry cloth. Leave on the surfaces for up to five minutes if they need a really good clean. If all else fails get stuck in with a brush and wear that buildup down.

Hot cleaning tip: For extra productivity pop on your favourite music and dance the clean away. Music causes the brain to release dopamine, the brain chemical needed for motivation :)

Some surfaces that are best to avoid with a multi-purpose spray cleaner

There are some surfaces where it’s best not to use multi-purpose cleaners, even when eco cleaning. 

These are your unfinished surfaces, including: raw wood and unsealed stone. Even eco cleaning products may seep into the surfaces and we don’t want to potentially stain or damage them. 

Always test a small area that is hidden out of the way first on your hard wooden floors. Consider trying our floor cleaner in place of the multi-purpose option. Spray on the floor and leave for five minutes, then wash away with warm water, or place the whole pod in a bucket of water and mop away.

Another surface to avoid with multi-purpose cleaners is your oven. Oven interiors have surfaces capable of handling hot temperatures and a specialist cleaner is needed to protect them. 

What multi-purpose sprays struggle with

Depending on your water type, a hard water bathroom may need extra help when it comes to cleaning. There will be extra buildup in the shower and bath. Also soap scum can be tricky to get rid of. Try our natural cleaning products for bathrooms for added toughness!

Multipurpose cleaners don't work well on windows. Try our Eucalyptus window pods instead, they are seriously great (and plastic free).

Plastic free eco multi-purpose cleaners

You can get great results from eco multi-purpose cleaners without harming the environment. Our plastic free option comes in orange zest and the gorgeous smell lasts for hours. It’s perfect for cleaning kitchen benches, tables, tiles and white goods. 

Simply pop the ecyo pod into a spray bottle (reuse one from home, or you can grab one of our recycled amber spray bottles) and fill up with the amount of warm water you want. The more you add, the less concentrated it is. The pod has been proven to work up to 750ml of water, though most people use a 500ml bottle which is pretty perfect, the smallest bottle we'd use it 350ml.

ecyo pods are biodegradable, vegan friendly, and grey water safe. They are super concentrated and plant-based, and must be added to water before use. This reduces the need for the amount of product and packaging. It means there is less carbon being transported around the world...and there is no need to buy new plastic bottles.

They leave no residue once finished either.  

Try our multipurpose spray, breathe in the delicious orange zest scent and watch your surfaces sparkle!


Choose your next pods and enjoy cleaning, guilt-free. 

Shipping within Australia: Under $35 = $5.95 flat rate. Over $35 = free!

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