Removing a label from a spray bottle, not as easy as it looks!

Removing a label from a spray bottle, not as easy as it looks!

The first spray bottle label I removed took me by surprise.

The bottle clearly stated "This bottle is recyclable, simply remove label first and place into your home recycling bin."

Well,  that seems pretty easy... right?

This turned into a 30min ordeal. One where I became increasingly agitated. A true battle of will power. Nails were broken and my desire to recycle the thing significantly reduced!

There is nothing simple about removing a label from a spray bottle. I can guarantee the marketing staff at said company had NEVER tried to remove the label. Even the bottles completely wrapped in plastic are hard to take off.

Once you do eventually get the sticky #### off, breaking a nail or two in the process, a glue residue remains! Noooooo.

But all is not lost my friends. In time I mastered the process and am here to save your nails/time and sanity.

Step 1: Add HOT water to the bottle and let it sit for about 2 min. 

Step 2: Find and seek: Find the cheapest household oil  - ie canola- not the fancy stuff - the bicarb soda (may not need), AND the eucalyptus oil you bought once so must be in the house somewhere... (estimated time: 5 min to half a day). Goodluck.

Step 3: See if the label will peel off now its nice and warm. If not, rub the cheap household oil plus some bicarb soda onto it. Scrub!!!

Step 4: Throw out the bits of label you've removed, and give the bottle a rinse. So close now!

Step 5: Add eucalyptus oil to a cloth and rub out any nasty glue still stuck to the bottle.

Viola! you have a clean bottle with no label in sight.

OR, if you're not concerned with looks...just leave them on and add an ecyo sticker over the top, like this clever customer did - they do work just the same ;)


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Dear Avril, I share your pain. We are in a constant battle with the petrochemical companies who have a vested interest in making our environmental crusade difficult so they can continue shifting their product.
I love the smell of eucalyptus oil in the morning though. Reminds me of why we are on this crusade in the first place.
Warmest regards,
Hudson Kingswood

Hudson Kingswood

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