10 Motivational Cleaning Tips for Speed Cleaning

10 Motivational Cleaning Tips for Speed Cleaning

Below we’ve complied our top 10 motivational tips for speed cleaning.  If it’s been a while between cleans we’re confident you’ll find that quick sparkle by doing these.

Life can get ontop of us all for one reason or another and we are hardly the exception!

1. Wear shoes when cleaning. Yep. Shoes. Wearing shoes (not slippers) makes your brain think, “it’s business time” “we are in going somewhere / doing mode” so you can clean faster.. And it helps your shins too. Win win!

2. Focus your attention. If you are cleaning due to visitors focus on the areas they’ll see. Otherwise focus on the ones you spend most your waking hours in. Usually this is the kitchen, dining table, main bathroom, lounge room. Close the rest of the house off for another day.

3. Play music for dopamine. Whatever helps you to move 🕺Spotify have some good playlists worth trying. Search cleaning, motivation, party mix or my personal cleaning favs - 80’s music or drum and bass.

4. Don’t stuff around with crap products, or a lot of complicated products.  Pick two decent products per area and be done with it. In the image above we are using the ecyo kitchen degreaser and ecyo multipurpose. They work, won’t harm you or the planet and are quick to dissolve.

5. Film your progress or buddy up. If motivation is hard then weirdly filming yourself helps.  Knowing "someone” is watching can help you stay on task and you can watch the video back to check if you missed anything. Send them to us if you like!  Alternatively ask a real life friend to do it with you, or try focus mate www.focusmate.com - virtual buddy’s. 

6. Pace yourself. Speed cleaning is exhausting. Ideally do it in spurts. 20-30 min at a time. Reward yourself in between :)

7. Timer. Set yourself a challenge, can you clean the kitchen in 15, lounge room in 5, floors in 20? GO!

8. Delegate. Everyone above the age of 2 can participate, get them all onto a task. Gamify it by adding a timer for them (see step 7).

9. Floors. Don’t forget to clean the floors. A clean floor can truly lift the overall look of your home. Check out the ecyo floor cleaner, you can use it in three ways and it smells delicious. 

10. Invite time. Nothing makes us clean more than the thought (threat) of guests coming over. So invite them! Set yourself a realistic deadline (1-2 weeks?) and get to work. 

When you’re done it’s time to quickly evaluate. Can you make life easier on yourself day to day ?  No need to become a full blown minimalist, but what changes can you make to help make your next clean easier? 


Please comment below if you have any speed cleaning / cleaning motivation tips we’d love to add them on to help as many as we can. 

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